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Emlyn Hall Author

By day, Emlyn is a mild mannered secondary school teacher, but when evening falls he can often be found hiding away from his family in his endless quest to write the world's greatest novel and discover the cure for capitalism.

Emlyn lives in sunny Sussex with one long-suffering wife and two adorable children. He has written three novels and is currently working on his fourth.

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Amazon Reader Reviews for
"Diary of a Teenage Murderer".

  • I really enjoyed my time while reading Diary of a Teenage Murderer. It is a good story. Sometimes you want to laugh and sometimes you want to cry. The book is masterfully written. I wholeheartedly recommend this great read. You won't be sorry.

  • The title does not give away that this book is hilarious!! I highly recommend giving this a whirl, I have a feeling this story will be big news when people catch on.

  • Adrian Mole meets The Inbetweeners, with cocklicking and blades.

    ★★★★★ - Slick Ron
  • Amazing Debut. Often with new authors you can never be sure what you are going to get. Safe to say that with this debut from Emlyn a gem has been unearthed. The book is warm and funny and without spoiling too much it also tugs on the heart strings. An engaging read that will no doubt bring back some memories for you just as it did for me.

  • This isn't at all like those f***ing awful self-published shit novels on Amazon where they cant even spell properly. Its funny, it hangs together properly and I'm enjoying it for its own sake, great read!

  • Hilarious!! A really nicely written book that takes you on one hell of a journey. It is hard to put down and you really plant yourself in the main characters brain.

    ★★★★★ - Little Miss
  • A charming page turner with a big heart and lots of laughs. Regardless of being a first time writer or not, Emlyn Hall has put together a contemporary take on Adrian Mole that actually a lot funnier and a lot more relevant to what being a teenager is actually like and you flick through the pages wanting to see how Matthew's life unfolds. Get writing on a sequel Emlyn, I see a 3-5 parter here.

    ★★★★★ - Cyrus
  • Fantastic read. Highly recommended. Can't wait for the next book!

    ★★★★★ - Louise Murphy
  • Read in one sitting! Well done Emlyn, I thoroughly enjoyed Matthew's diary and look forward to finding out how he gets on in your next book. Highly recommended.

    ★★★★ - Floozeycat
  • Amusing and provoking in equal measure it is incredible how the author has managed to detail the minutiae of everyday life that we can all relate to.

    ★★★★★ - Mr C Collins
  • Without question one of the most personable books I have read recently and a great introspective into the human mind. If you are need of an engaging read then look no further!

    ★★★★★ - Mr C Collins
  • Very funny, realistic and emotional read. Look forward to the next one in the series. Hope we don't have to wait too long.

    ★★★★★ - Nicola C
  • Witty, humorous, refreshing, love it.

    ★★★★★ - Behrooz Shafa
  • Really good read, if you like Adrian Mole style books with a more contemporary feel this is for you!

    ★★★★★ - Buddysfender
  • Tell the world what you think of the book over on Amazon, and your review could be here!

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  • Tell the world what you think of the book over on Amazon, and your review could be here!

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  • Tell the world what you think of the book over on Amazon, and your review could be here!

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